This is the transcript for the fifteenth Stronghold mission, Carving a Path.


Storyteller: With the Wolf still hot on your trail and your troops becoming progressively more battle-worn, you find yourself in need of a place to hide and recuperate. The fenlands seem to be the ideal location, but the only way to get there is via the Pig's home castle. As the Pig is away with his army, laying siege to his stronghold appears to be a preferable option to taking on the Wolf.

Fight your way through the Pig's home county and escape into the fenlands on the other side. You will need to strike hard and fast before the Pig returns with his main force. Storm the gatehouse of the Pig's castle with a ram, dispatch the garrison and hide in the fenlands beyond.


(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Truffe: *snorts* They wreck my home! I hunt them down like the dogs they are and make them pay long time. First I string them up, then I burn their feet, then I break their legs, then...

Storyteller: After fighting from one end of the country to the other, your men are close to exhaustion, so you pitch camp deep in the fenlands. Many of the counties you have taken have already been recaptured, however you are given fresh hope upon hearing news that the king has returned.

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