This is the transcript for the eighth Stronghold mission, Dealing with the Devil.


Storyteller: An urgent dispatch arrives from Sir Longarm.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: Congratulations are in order for the way you handled that last mission, but we are about to face our greatest challenge yet. Leave immediately for the borders of our homelands, bringing with you a select band of your best men. All will be explained upon your arrival.

Storyteller: You rise your horses until they are near exhaustion, and finally meet with Sir Longarm's messenger who hands you your briefing.

Sir Longarm: Spies report that the Rat is due to launch a 'do or die' attack on our lands and you must intercept and delay his forces. There is no time to raise an army, but Duc Beauregard will send a large force to help us in return for a shipment of ale. Once the Rat's siege force is defeated, Beauregard agreed to let us take the Rat's neighbouring county without resistance. Grow hops and brew ale to send to the Snake, but be warned: it will be hard to keep your people in line whilst meeting the terms of the deal. Use any means at your disposal, even cruelty if necessary, the Rat's force must be defeated here.


(The Boy is busy producing ale for the Snake. Soon the shipment is sent...)

Scribe: The shipment of ale has been completed and sent to the Snake. Hopefully the reinforcements he promised will arrive soon!

(A bit later...)

Scribe: The troops promised by the Snake have arrived, sire.


Storyteller: With the siege force annihilated, victory is yours but upon your return, news arrives that the Snake has broken his agreement and has claimed the Rat's county as his own.

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