This is the transcript for the seventh Stronghold 2 mission, Defence of the Abbey.


(The King is seen walking away. In a distance, Matthew and his two fellows spot him.)

Sir William: It is the King! I have returned, your majesty!

Lady Seren: Worry not, I shall set him straight.

Sir William: I put you all in danger. I ride forth to prevent my brother from doing any more harm.

(The three leave. Sir Grey is seen at the monastery with Lady Seren.)

Sir Grey: What is going on? Where is the King?

Lady Seren: Long story. Sir Grey, please go after William, take some men and keep him out of trouble.

Sir Grey: My lady.

Matthew Steele: Barclay is sure to want revenge. Seren has given me charge of the abbey. Somehow, I must turn it into an impenetrable fortress and have very little time to do it.


(Friar Jacob's monks arrive with a scepter)

Friar Jacob: Your Grace, we have brought you the Holy Scepter.

The Bishop: Marvellous, without this artifact and my signature, they will never be able to usher in a new king.

(Steele builds up an economy and strengthens the abbey's defense, while deflecting Lord Barclay's minor attacks. Soon, Barclay arrives with his fifth army, but delays the attack...)

Lady Seren: Why do they not attack? What are they waiting for?

(after a short time, another army appears on the horizon under the Hawk's flag)

Constable Briggs: Look south Ma'am. That is what they were waiting for: reinforcements.

(both lords launch their attacks, but soon, they fail to conquer the castle)


(Matthew stands in his keep hall, when someone is going to be introduced...)

Constable Briggs: His majesty, the King! (Steele bows immediately)

The King: Is this the valiant Sir Matthew Steele I have heard so much about? Is this mere slip-of-a-lad really the slayer of the last Viking warlord? Stand up, man! The stories made you seem much taller! I almost feel I should be the one bowing to you!

Matthew Steele: My King! People have died, many castles have fallen... where were you, when we needed you most?

(the King's pikeman is going to take Steele in custody, but the King interferes...)

The King: Wait! Let him speak.

Matthew Steele: The people only see you running and hiding! Your Majesty... they think you a coward!

The King: There is more to being king than the cut and thrust of war! Nothing would have pleased me more than to raise my sword in battle, but this country needs a living King! If that means I have to run and hide, then so be it, but I tell you this: from this day forth, by God, my people will know that they have their King!

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