This is the transcript for the third Stronghold 2 mission: Edwin's Rescue.


Matthew Steele: It seems I am going to get my first taste of siege warfare. I have taken my strongest men and followed the guide, who has led us to a castle with William's men encamped outside it.

(Sir William and Steele is seen at a distance from Lady Seren's castle)

Matthew Steele: William! You left me at the mercy of Olaf! You knew I needed more men but you did not send them. Why?

Sir William: You need more than troops to win a war, friend: you need guild and nerve to be victorious. I hope that you learnt that lesson well.

Matthew Steele: (chuckles) Well, what are we doing here? Is this not Lady Seren's castle?

(Edwin is shown on a keep with the guard of some spearmen)

Sir William: You have a keen eye, Matthew. It is, indeed: she holds Edwin Blackfly hostage within. We recovered a message arrow from him. He offers land, title and more importantly, troops for his release.

Matthew Steele: So, William, I understood you and Lady Seren were to be married.

Sir William: That was a long time ago. Much has changed since then: she now forges dark alliances, choosing to side with the very traitors, who have strickened these lands bare.


(William sends a bunch of laddermen to Steele)

Sir William: Let the siege commence. Now that I have them distracted take these laddermen and, on my mark, get over that wall on the far side of the fort.

(the siege starts, both fight their way to the walls, William's men soon set up a ladder against them)

Sir William: Now Matthew! Move in and get up that wall.

(Matthew takes his men and soon he scales the walls with them)

Sir William: Stay on the walls and work your way around to their banner. If their flag falls, so will their courage.

(Matthew fights with his men to the keep's roof, eliminating spearmen and pikemen on the way)

Sir William: The castle is ours.


Edwin Blackfly: Well, you took your time. I thought I was going to be imprisoned to that 'witch' forever!

Sir William: Witch?

Edwin Blackfly: Yes, I saw her with my own eyes: dabbling with the black arts! We should burn her on a stake! Anyway, enough. Let us leave this 'hellhole' before she returns!

Sir William: Are you not forgetting something?

Edwin Blackfly: Oh, yes, very well. Matthew... kneel. I adapt thee sir, Matthew Steele. Arise, Sir Knight!

Sir William: A knight, good, huh? No more you deserve, 'Sir Steel', hehe!

Edwin Blackfly: Yes, yes, yes, all very joyful, but can we get a move on?

(Lady Seren is seen on a nearby hill, watching the victorious lords)

Lady Seren: Ah, William... what have you done? You will regret this day, William. Releasing that traitor is the worst mistake you have ever made!

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