This is the transcript for the third Stronghold mission, Eliminating the Wolves.


(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: We need you to train some new recruits in the use of the bow.

Lord Woolsack: The wolves breed in the next county, find their lairs and wipe them out. It's them or us.

Sir Longarm: Find a hilltop and fortify yourself there using a motte and bailey.

Lord Woolsack: Duc de Puce has been patrolling the area of late, so it is vital you are not spotted, as we don't stand a hope against a full assault.

Sir Longarm: If you see that rat before I do, be sure you slice him open for me.

Storyteller: Construct a motte and bailey fortification and strengthen it with some towers. Then start bow production and raise a force of archers, with which to eradicate the wolves that run riot there.


Scribe: We'll have to work fast. These wolves are everywhere.

(When most of the wolves are being eradicated...)

Scribe: Sir, de Puce's men have arrived! We can't allow them to give away our position.


Storyteller: Fortunately, the Rat's scouting party did not survive long enough to give away your position, but it is likely that they will be missed before long.

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