This is the transcript for the eighteenth Stronghold mission, End of the Pig.


(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: The people of the next county are at the end of their tether with the Pig's oppressive taxes and are ready to rise up against him. The time to avenge Lord Woolsack's death is upon us. If you win this battle, then the tides will truly have begun to turn.

Storyteller: You have been charged to overthrow the Pig's final county by laying siege to his stronghold. You have besieged this castle before, but it has since been rebuilt and now has a full garrison, so will prove to be a far greater challenge. Our simple but direct approach last time with the battering ram may not now be enough. Build some siege towers to scale his tall walls.


Sir Longarm: Our march continues, and we have taken back another county.


Storyteller: With the Pig slain, only the Wolf stands in your way on the path of victory. Soon after the dusts of battle have settled, you receive word that Sir Longarm along with the king have marched in to claim another county, tightening the noose around the Wolf's neck.

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