This is the transcript for the sixteenth Stronghold mission, Fighting Retreat.


Storyteller: You are not in camp for a day before a hooded stranger approaches your group.

Storyteller: We meet again, the brothers and I have long been praying for you to arrive here safely. We are pleased to see that you have put the knowledge we imparted to you to good use, but we now must ask you to return the favor. Duc Truffe has been attempting to steal the arcane knowledge hidden within our library, but fortunately for us his troops are in error and lay siege to the wrong place. As we speak, my brothers are gathering the resources needed to rebuild our old monastery where we have hidden our books. However, we are not strong enough to withstand his attacks for much longer. We can only hope that you find our research on 'the river of fire' as useful as our other designs.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Volpe: This is a waste of my time. Duc Truffe, find them and kill them. I have more important issues to deal with.

Duc Truffe: *grunts* I love a good hunt! I'll sniff them out, run them down and make sure they die nice and slow.

Storyteller: Hold off against the Pig's attacks long enough to help the monks collect the stone they need, then make your retreat. The swamp is your biggest advantage here as a natural defense, and as a source of pitch. The monks have told you about their 'River of Fire', so use pitch ditches to good effect. This land is also favorable to the production of apples.


Storyteller: With the task completed, you make your withdrawal into the dense fog by cover of darkness. From behind you there are angry shouts from the Pig's men, as they scour the monastery.

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