This is the transcript for the seventeenth Stronghold 3 mission, Final Battle.


The Boy: It was too easy. This was to be my kill: my final blow, ending what started years ago.

We had been fooled! It was deserted.

The Wolf: I knew that he wouldn't be here, but that he would come. This just gave me the time to prepare for the attack, the attack that would be my crowning glory, my greatest achievement. We waited for him.

I watched The Boy and his men arrive through their secret entrance, tired and weary. I gave them time to get inside.

Storyteller: Outmaneuvered by The Wolf, you are once again on the back foot. The Wolf is out there however, somewhere in his vast army... and if the walls of the royal castle can survive the enemy's onslaught, then maybe you might just get a chance to capture him.


Scribe: The Wolf's army is encamped outside the Royal Palace, sire, we must get inside as quickly as we can. Intelligence suggests he will attack at midnight.

Scribe: Sire, it will soon get dark, we must do what we can to bolster the castle's defenses before The Wolf starts his siege.

(Night falls, and The Wolf attacks with numerous armies. As the night closes to its end...)

Scribe: It will be morning soon, sire, we just need to hold on for a little while longer.

(Eventually, the sun rises...)

Scribe: Sunrise and we have survived, my lord! Oh goodness, my liege, The Wolf's army is vast indeed!

Scribe: There, my liege, in the distance! I can see The Wolf's standard, maybe if our forces could capture that, we might yet win the day?

(As The Boy heads out and scours the Wolf's army, the banner also falls into his hand...)

Scribe: The standard is ours, sire, and the enemy are laying down their weapons. Victory is ours! The Wolf has been spotted fleeing the field, a fast horse may yet just catch him!


The Wolf: It worked! I knew that he would chase me. He can't help but chase me.

I was prepared. I used another decoy, and that idiot Boy fell for it. I had him. This time... I won.

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