This is the transcript for the twenty-first Stronghold mission, Final Vengeance.


Duc Volpe: As your father lay bleeding, he begged me to end his life. It gave me pleasure to watch his anguish and I will have that pleasure again watching yours. Step into my lair, and get ready to meet your maker!

(At the rebel headquarters...)

The King: I have heard of your many exploits, but have not seen you in action, so indulge me. I shall give you charge of my army, as well as the honor of marshalling the final assault. Sir Longarm and I shall observe.

Storyteller: Put an end to the Wolf using the combined forces of Sir Longarm and the king. You have vanquished the majority of his main army, but the Wolf still has many men left and his stronghold is rumored to be impenetrable. He has discovered the secret of boiling oil, so do not approach too quickly. Instead, make use of the new trebuchet to weaken him from afar.


Storyteller: "For my Father." You plunge your sword up to the hilt into the Wolf's chest, then twist the blade. As he looks down at his open wound in astonishment, you push him over the parapet.

(The Wolf is seen with the sword penetrating his iron plated armour. He grabs the grip, but soon he falls off into the darkness with a deep roar.)

Storyteller: With your father's death avenged and the king back on his rightful throne, you can finally rest. Throughout the entire kingdom, there was much rejoicing and everyone lived quite happily ever after.

(a peasant is seen enclosed in the stocks, being thrown tomatoes and laughed at...)

Storyteller: ... Well, maybe not everyone.

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