This is the transcript for the second Stronghold mission, Finishing the Fort.


Storyteller: Day by day the camp becomes more overwhelmed by the wolves and their persistent howling robs the men of sleep. The situation is about to get out of hand, when Lord Woolsack's scout returns. Soon afterwards you are summoned into the command tent.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Lord Woolsack: Sir Longarm has convinced me to give you another chance. We have found the remains of an abandoned stockade.

Sir Longarm: Wolves plague this county every winter, so we need you to get the stockade back up to scratch quickly.

Lord Woolsack: Failure is not an option this time. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Storyteller: To ensure the safety of your men, you are required to renovate the abandones stockade before winter is upon us again. Use your archers to kill off any wolves that threaten your position.


Lord Woolsack: Well at least you can complete half a task.

Sir Longarm: Job well done! Now our men are secure, we can send a hunting party into the next country to eradicate the wolves for good.

Lord Woolsack: I suppose it must be done, but we have to proceed with caution, as that county is close to the enemies' border.

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