This is the transcript for the eleventh Stronghold mission, First Blood.


Storyteller: With Lord Woolsack occupied and Sir Longarm on a mission abroad, you have yet to receive new orders so you decide to march onwards.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Volpe: The men you sent to the Rat's county failed to do their job.

Duc Truffe: *snorts* Not my fault! I just gave troops, Rat told them what to do.

Duc Volpe: Silence! Reclaim the Rat's lands, or I'll rip out your tongue. I need to deal with the source of the problem.

Storyteller: Advance into the next of the Snake's counties and defend yourself against his forces. This county shares borders with the Wolf, so stay alert as you will need to react quickly, if he decides to show his face.


Monk: Here, take this! The crossbow design contained in these pages will help you against your new foes. We pray that it is enough.


Storyteller: Thanks to the crossbow designs handed to you from the hooded stranger, you have not only liberated another county, but have also scored first blood against the Wolf.

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