This is the transcript for the first part of the second Stronghold 2 mission, First Command.


(Sir William and Matthew Steele is seen in front of a manor house)

Sir William: Surely, you will be meeting your first employee: Tom Simpkins the scribe. May he serve you well! Now, I must bid farewell, Matthew. I ride on today to find support for our cause. (leaves)

Matthew Steele: Sir William often spoke of our cause and truth with the King dead or fled abroad, I know not the purpose of our fight.

Matthew Steele: Three weeks ago, I was Sir William's page and yet now there are so few left that the royal champion can trust that I find myself here, in command of my own estate.


Friar Jacob: Well, if it is not young Matthew Steele. I do believe you have grown since we last met. The brothers and I need your help, Matthew. The bridge leading to our monastery has collapsed, as you can see. Provide us the wood and stone we need to repair the bridge and we shall give you a flock of sheep in payment.

(the monks take away the wood and stone, while repairing the bridge)

Friar Jacob: You do well Master Steele, but please hurry. The brothers are late for an important mission. There is a holy relic they must recover.


Friar Jacob: (proudly) Thank you, Matthew! With the bridge repaired, the brothers can begin their quest and I can get back to my duties. (leaves, while a flock of sheep cross the bridge)

Friar Jacob: Oh, and here are the sheep I promised!

Matthew Steele: Erm... thank you, Friar Jacob! I shall send word to Sir William!

Matthew Steele: Great... what do I do with these sheep? Give them just a sword and send them forth into battle?

(Meanwhile, in Lord Barclay's castle...)

Pascal Deveraux: What is it, Barclay?

Lord Barclay: Someone infiltrated my castle. I thought you had better know.

Pascal Deveraux: Who was it?

Lord Barclay: There were two of them. The youngest one I did not recognize, but the other...

Pascal Deveraux: Well, who was the other?

Lord Barclay: From a distance... it was you, Deveraux.

Pascal Deveraux: (laughs) How interesting!

Lord Barclay: I have had them tracked down. I thought you could deal with them.

Pascal Deveraux: Well I could, but why not give our friend Olaf another big bag of gold?

Lord Barclay: (laughs) Good idea! (leaves)

Pascal Deveraux: So, my brother still lives...

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