This is the transcript for the second part of the second Stronghold 2 mission, First Command.


(a coast is seen near the manor house full of rabbits eating grass)

Friar Jacob: I see you have settled in well, Master Steele! Now, if you find yourself short on food, there's a manor close to our monastery ideal for rabbit hunting. You are most welcome to kill all you can, as personally, I find them quite a pest.

Matthew Steele: Thank you, Friar. I shall commission some hunters.

Matthew Steele: A message came from Sir William. He is negotiating with Flemish traders for a company of archers. The people of Flanders suffer a notoriously harsh winter and find themselves in need of cloth, which I am to provide. Sir William has requested that I start cloth production immediately.


(Steele sets up an industry and starts producing cloth for the stockpile)

Scribe: There is word from Sir William.

Sir William: Matthew, you must make haste with your cloth production. Flemish trading ships have sighted a longboat belonging to Olaf Grimtooth, the Viking Warlord. It will do our cause no favor to have his berserkers running riot.

(more cloth is delivered to the stockpile...)

Scribe: There is word from Sir William.

Sir William: Olaf is heading your way and the Flemish have yet to dispatch their archers. I will shortly send you a constable to give you military guidance, but please hurry!

Scribe: We are doomed! No one can stop Olaf! His bloodthisty berserkers are fearless. We are no match for them!

(finally the requested 15 cloth has been collected...)

Scribe: That is the last of the cloth. I hope Sir William has a plan as we left ourselves defenseless!

Matthew Steele: There is nothing to fear Tom. I am sure Sir William will soon arrive with reinforcements.

Aftermath - the story of the King's poisonEdit

A travelling storyteller has arrived!

Storyteller: Once upon a time, the King held the most grand of feasts. He invited lords and ladies from throughout the kingdom to gather in one of his great halls. The cooks and servants worked well to see the feast was ready on time, so were too busy to see the traitor in their midst. The guests arrived and marvelled that the delegacy is on the table!

The King: Five years ago today, hostilities in our Great Nation ended. I have summoned you here to pay homage to our fallen heroes and to usher in a new era of peace. Raise your glasses with me and toast for a new beginning!

(suddenly the King collapses by his poisonous drink, causing a turmoil around the tables)

Sir William: The King is poisoned! Apothecary!

Storyteller: Knowing his life was hung by thread, the King summoned Sir William to his side.

Sir William: Your majesty, I shall watch out borders most carefully.

Storyteller: And that is the story of how the King was poisoned!

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