This is the transcript for the third parrt of the second Stronghold 2 mission: First Command.


(Olaf is seen to overlook an area on a hill with a company of axe throwers)

Olaf Grimtooth: (laughs) There is a castle! This is going to be one of the easiest battles you lot have ever fought! You do not need me here, I will raid further down the coast. (leaves)

Matthew Steele: I remember when Olaf raided our country last, he left only destruction in his wake. This man butchered many families and I am determined that my people will not suffer the same fate. William's constable has arrived and at last, I will have some men to command.


Constable Briggs: Sire, Constable John Briggs at your service sire. The cloth has been sent to Flanders, but there is no news of Sir William and his archers. We must hold Olaf back on your own. We need a barracks and armoury and I suggest getting our spear production up and running quickly!

Scribe: Begging you pardon my liege, but I have taken the liberty of setting up a trade agreement with a local merchant. We can now sell any cloth we produce directly to him.

(Steele sets up weapon production and recruits troops)

Friar Jacob: Matthew, we wish to help but are being attacked by dangerous bears. If you can get rid of them, we will happily help guard the road to the east.

Scribe: Villagers have seen bears roaming free my lord, it is most distressing for them.

(soon, Olaf's first raid of berserkers start to appear)

Briggs: Here they come!

(the berserkers are killed and later a second wave of berserkers come)

Briggs: They are here!

(Steele's men fight fiercely and they manage to defeat the berserkers)

Briggs: They are running, sire! The day is ours!

Scribe: Sir William has sent us a message.

Sir William: I pray you are alive to read this. There is a new ally in our midst but I need you aid quickly. Choose a few good men and march out to meet me. The rider I have sent knows the way.

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