This is the transcript for the third Stronghold 2 peace mission, Forest Fires.


The King: Now you are a knight, I give you a second estate to control. You will find a ruined castle there. I wish you to restore it to its former glory and move in as soon as you can.


Scribe: The recent hot summers have left the ground prached and made the vegetation brittle, I advise that we protect ourselves against fire and make haste with our relocation. A horse and cart will deliver any stone we produce.

Scribe: We now own the neighbouring estate. The monks there will help us rebuild the ruined castle but we must provide them with the stone they need. Once we have stone in our stockpile, we can send it to them using a carter's post.

(as Simpkins said, the hot weather makes several wooden buildings burn...)

Scribe: Castle buildings are aflame my Liege, hopefully our well workers can control the inferno!

(The carters are set up, the monks are provided with stone and soon the ruined keep is rebuilt.)

Scribe: Our move is done and just in time by the look of it.

(Just as these words are being said, the wooden structures at home all catch fire and burn into ashes, in spite of the waterboys' attempts to stop them...)

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