This is the transcript for the first Stronghold mission, Gathering the Lost.


Storyteller: As soon as the king had marched his army into the barbarian homeland, rumors began of a plot to seize the throne. When news came of the king's capture, the country was invaded. Several nobles, including your father, sought to end the bloodshed but on the way to meet for negotiations, their party was massacred by a band of unknown raiders. Bruised and exhausted, you have been beaten back to a forest on an overlooked peninsula where a small group of loyal troops are hiding. Although the country is lost, maybe from this refuge you can at least avenge your father's death.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: I say we act now and strike, while the iron is hot.

Lord Woolsack: No, no, no! The few men we have would be cut down like lambs to the slaughter. We need time to gather our forces.

Sir Longarm: Nonsense! I shall take six of my finest men into enemy territory by the cover of darkness and -

Lord Woolsack: No, no, no, just listen! Our men are close to starvation. This is what we must do!

Storyteller: The debate rages on well into the night, but eventually, Lord Woolsack takes you to one side.

Lord Woolsack: Sir Longarm tells me he knew your father well, which is why I am giving you your chance to prove yourself. It is time you got your first taste of command. We need you to oversee the setting up of a good-sized base camp. Start by finding a suitable clearing, then use some of the wood plentiful in this area to begin your construction.


Storyteller: Whilst the men frantically ferry precious supplies into the granary, Sir Longarm and Lord Woolsack rides into the camp.

Sir Longarm: Job well done. Not too bad for your first attempt.

Lord Woolsack: No, no, no! The fool has pitched camp in the middle of the wolves' migration track.

Sir Longarm: Good! It will give the men some well-needed practice before we make our strike.

Lord Woolsack: Hmph! Now I have no choice but to send out a scout to find a more permanent position.

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