This is the transcript for the eleventh Stronghold 3 mission, Glimmer of Hope.


The Wolf: I needed reinforcements. Earl Swinefoot, Bishop Redham: the sons of my old friend the Pig... they called me 'sire', remembering what should have been. Neither of their titles were earned: instead, they were taken, repurposed, from men that their father killed.

The Boy: They left as quickly as they appeared: it wasn't a real battle, but a test, a lure. Their small force was easily defeated by our new army, our new troops a formidable force.

We saw his castle in the distance. I didn't know why he was involving himself in this fight. And then he attacked. This was a trap, and we had sprung it.

Storyteller: The return of yet another hated family name is making those that can remember the last war uneasy. But here at Swinefoot's castle, you at last have a chance to test the mettle of the new troops and to take a stand against whoever is behind this unholy alliance.

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