This is the transcript for the fourth Stronghold mission, Hidden Lookout.


Storyteller: A dispatch arrives from Sir Longarm.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: Hopefully, by the time you receive this message, all has gone well and you have put an end to those irritating wolves. I now ask a favor of you. Begin constructing an outpost on the edge of Duc de Puce's territory in order to help me better judge the strength of the Rat's forces. You must not under any circumstances send confirmation of your mission completion to Lord Woolsack.

Storyteller: Find a suitable location on high ground near the lands belonging to Duc de Puce and start construction of an outpost. The wooden keep will offer better protection than a simple hall. Take some cattle to breed, as the land there suits them well. Do not show yourself to the enemy, but should you be discovered let none escape to tell. The hills will give your archers an advantage when firing from height.


(Some time into the mission, comes a first attack...)

Scribe: They've found us sir! What are your orders?

(After the group has been taken care of, a next attack wave is threatening the estate...)

Scribe: Our scouts report another group of the Rat's men heading in our direction. Are we ready for them?

(Later, a third and fourth attack comes...)

Scribe: A small group of the Rat's soldiers are heading to the castle.

(Eventually a final attack comes...)

Scribe: Outlying villages have seen a band of the Rat's troops heading this way.

(The last scouting party is dealt with. They are however not completely eradicated, and some of them runs away...)

Scribe: The cowards have run sir! We can't catch them. They'll give us away for sure.

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