This is the transcript for the sixteenth Stronghold 3 mission, Homecoming.


The Boy: The Wolf. Blackstaff returned with further proof of his power, his influence. It was hard to believe that he was still alive. I had killed him?! His influence had once again torn apart this country: once again. I would have to stop him. The battle against The Jackal had been the beginning of the end, the turning point in this war.

We took back the Royal Palace, ready to crown Lady Catherine as Queen, installing her back in the seat of power. The Wolf was nowhere to be found. His forces were depleted; without his allies he was no match for us.

Word reached us that evening that The Wolf has been sighted. He was in my old fortress with the rest of his army. I announced that we would leave that evening. Tonight, we would find The Wolf.

Storyteller: A lot has happened since that night you fled your castle. Now you are back and what's more, The Wolf is here waiting for you. The time has come to take back your castle and face up to your nemesis.


Scribe: Your old castle has seen better days, my Lord!

Scribe: Scouts report that the castle is manned mainly by remnants of Swinefoot's army, sire.

(As your army approaches the keep...)

Scribe: Our men have captured some enemy troops, sire, they say The Wolf is inside the keep.

Stronghold 3 Military Transcripts
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