This is the transcript for the fourteenth Stronghold 3 mission, Longarm's Stronghold.


The Boy: Lady Catherine explained that Redham had escaped before we took the Abbey: she cried over the vile things that he had said to her as he held her captive, the vile way he looked at her.

Longarm told us about his castle, sheltered in the middle of the country. So far, he said, it had stood against every attack. Aside from the Royal Plalace, he told us, it was the strongest castle in the land. The Wolf, it was rumored, had taken over that same Royal Palace, rebuilt it in his own ways.

We were to head for Longarm's castle and establish a way to take back the South from The Wolf. We were, we know, getting stronger: we couldn't back down now.

The Wolf: They failed. Everybody fails me. The Jackal said that they should die; I forbade it. I had a better plan.

I told him to take The Pigs and their forces, and assault this new army now - to destroy it, to wipe it from the face of the earth. Longarm's castle wasn't impenetrable: there was a backdoor, and if the Pigs could breach that and drop the drawbridge, The Jackal's army could get inside, kill them all. The only condition, I told him, was The Boy. I wanted him alive.

He told me that I was being weak, that I was being... influenced by my personal feelings, that I should let them kill him, and be done with it. 'I' was in charge. This was my war, and I would end it my way.

Storyteller: This siege, this castle, is vital. If you hold here, then perhaps the war turns in our favor. Longarm's mountain fortress has often been called impregnable, but the forces arrayed against us are mighty however, and the Jackal is marshalling The Pig's troops about with a worrying confidence.


(The mission takes place at Sir Longarm's mountain encampment. The scribe notifies of possibilities and other intelligence in the first part of the mission...)

Scribe: Welcome back my liege, I am so relieved to see our future queen unharmed. She will be safe here in Lord Longarm's fortress, I'm told it is impregnable.

Scribe: The Jackal looks confident, sire, but the captains are sure that our walls will repel them!

Scribe: My lord, the enemy are at our rear! How can this be?

Scribe: My liege, it seems that The Jackal has found a secret route through the mountains and Earl Swinefoot's men march to open up a second front.

Scribe: My liege, maybe we could use some of the pitch from the local marshes to create some traps? It's cruel stuff, but these are desperate times?

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