This is the transcript for the ninth mission of Stronghold 2, Lord Barclay's Castle.


Matthew Steele: We buried Sir Grey in Lady Seren's abbey. He has fought longer than anyone else has in this war, but will not see the final battle.

(The King is seen waiting in front of his fortress. Sir William meets him soon and immediately bows.)

The King: It has been many of years since we last spoke, William and all that time, my advisors have been telling me that you were the one, who betrayed our country.

Sir William: Your majesty, I would never -

The King: William! (laughs for a brief moment) You make a very poor traitor! Welcome back.

Sir William: Your majesty.

Matthew Steele: William and the King have mended their bond of trust and we are ready for the final assault. The King has laid down the plans for a three-pronged attack, with each of us commanding a separate battle.


(The three commanders gather their troops to start the siege. Soon a blue army engages the King's army, led by Angus McLoud himself, thirsty for vengeance.)

Angus McLoud: Kill them all. Bring the King's head to me on a stake.

The King: Captains! Look to your rear!

Sir William: We must send him reinforcements!

The King: No! Commence the siege, I will hold here!

(The Bull fights hard, but soon he is killed along with his forces...)

Angus McLoud: I die, but the clan McLoud lives on. My brothers... will avenge me... (dying)

The King: Regroup and attack! We have lost too much time already!

(The attackers succeed to break through Barclay's defenses and bring the lord to his knees.)


(Barclay is defeated. He collapses to his knees in front of the victorious Sir William.)

Lord Barclay: Aaaaaaarrggghh! I surrender.

Sir William: Final victory is ours! Huzzah!

(Later, the King is seen with his delegacy sitting on a tribunal in a village's street. They witness as the traitors Edwin and Barclay are pulled away in a cart, being thrown with vegetables by the cheering villagers.)

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