This is the transcrpit for the fourth Stronghold 2 peace mission, Outlaws.


The King: The estate to the north used to be a thriving weaving community, but wolves have recently overwhelmed it. The Lord of this estate, Sir William, has gone on a crusade. In his absence, I charge you to set this estate to rights. I have assigned Constable John Briggs to advise you in military matters.


Scribe: Sire, if we are to begin raising troops, we will need gold: lots of it. Let us get a treasury built and start taxing the peasants straightaway.

(A reinforcement squad from the King arrives, as soon as the outlaws prepare their first attack. Constable Briggs arrives.)

Briggs: Sire, there are rumours of bandits to the east of here. The only sure way to keep them at bay is to raise a large enough troop of archers, but I suggest our first priority should be to deal with those wolves.

(The outlaws attack relentlessly, but they are killed by the player's garrison. When 20 archers are recruited...)

Briggs: We have done it sire. That should keep the brigands at bay.

(The player gets his squad and cleans the western estate from the wolves...)

Scribe: There are no more wolves left, my liege. Sir William will be most pleased to see his villagers' livelihoods intact.

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