This is the transcript for the nineteenth Stronghold mission, Penning in the Wolf.


Storyteller: With the Wolf away assembling his forces, some of his recently won counties have begun to revolt.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Volpe: Damn you and your king to hell! You may have killed the others, but it is now that you will learn to fight.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: The war is going well but be cautious, as the Wolf is an entirely different animal to any of those who have crossed your path so far. I am sending my finest apothecary to your aid. I have a feeling he may be of some use.

Pen the Wolf in my reinforcing the defensive fort we have started on the edge of his territory, then let his men come to you. They are likely to try and infect your people with disease, so ensure you have contingencies in place for their arrival. Use swordsmen and mangonels to your best advantage.


Duc Volpe: Impressive, but when you next see my flag raised, I will be the one standing beneath it.

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