This is the transcript for the seventh Stronghold 3 mission, Rats in the Night.


The Boy: Blackstaff was glad to see us... as glad as you can be to see somebody from the very court that exiled you. Once we explained that we weren't there for him, he was keen to help us out. I told him that we needed his men, his skills. He agreed to help us out, if we all survived the night.

He explained that we had defeated Silverback's advance brigade; his real army fought far more treacherously, attacking at night, scurrying in under cover of darkness. And they were coming.

He said that if we survived, we would have full use of his Marshland Rangers for our upcoming battles, and full use of his sword. And with a promise like that, how could we resist?

Storyteller: The Rat's troops will attack under cover of darkness, expecting Blackstaff's beleaguered troops to crumble. With your support, the castle has a chance of making it through the night, but only if you stay alert.


(The mission starts out at night. The whole area is covered in darkness, which only furthers the desperation of Blackguard's garrison. Even the scribe gets nervous from the impending siege...)

Scribe: This Silverback has no honor, sire, attacking at night! We should use the small amount of time we have left to perhaps station some haybale throwers on the castle towers. Then perhaps we might get some advanced warning of where they will attack?

Scribe: It's very quiet sire, I don't like it.

Scribe: There is a force, sire.

(Several attacks are held and eventually, after some time...)

Scribe: It's morning soon sire, thank goodness.

(As the mission draws near its end, daybreak occurs and the enemy makes its last effort...)

Scribe: The enemy are fleeing, sire!

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