This is the transcript for the fourth Stronghold 3 mission, The King is Dead.


The Wolf: The Jackal returned and told me that they lost a fort, that the Boy managed to rally up enough support to take one of our outposts.

He asked that he might take a force and wipe the boy out now, pay him back. He said that there was another way towards the fort, that they were going to try to cut it off, to hold their position. He said that he could take them now, destroy them all.

I told him to do what he would; but that the Boy was mine to capture, to torture, to punish for what he did to me.

Storyteller: Success in taking the outpost has given a boost to our numbers, but your small, tired force must flee again. The recently captured outpost would not hold for long. Instead, take your best men and move further up the valley and establish a stronger fort overlooking the approach road. Here you must fight a desperate rearguard action before retreating after the rest of your army.


Scribe: Our army grows stronger my liege. If we can hold the Jackal here for long enough, then we can take it in to the western mountsins, were we will be safe for some time.

There are iron deposits in these hills sire, if we had some iron, then we could maybe prepare some traps?

(Towards the end of the mission...)

Scribe: Not long now, sire, before the army will have moved through the valley, to the safety of the mountains and we can retreat before we are overrun.

Stronghold 3 Military Transcripts
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