This is the transcript for the first part of the fifth Stronghold 2 mission, Return to the Monastery.


Matthew Steele: William has always been too trusting and this time it has been his undoing. Choosing Edwin as an ally was an ill-judged move on William's part and here I am, to pick up the pieces.

(Matthew Steele is seen with his horse, near Olaf's barricades. Olaf himself stands on a wooden wall, surrounded by his loyal axe throwers.)

Matthew Steele: Olaf Grimtooth! Your days of butchering on this earth are numbered! Release Sir William and lay down your arms! I shall see to it, your death is a quick and painless one!

Olaf Grimtooth: (laughs) I see war has given you a sense of humour, Matthew Steele! If you want your master back, come and get him! (coughs hard)

Matthew Steele: I was hoping you would say that!


(Matthew receives some reinforcements and is ready to fight Olaf)

Matthew Steele: Form up!

(Steele's troops soon reach the small outposts of Olaf's ballistae)

Matthew Steele: This one is for the monastery!

(Olaf sends out of swarms of berserkers, soon none of them stays alive)

Olaf Grimtooth: Put good Sir William in the gallows. (coughs)

(Steele works his way with his soldiers through the barricades, soon a hole is made in the first line)

Olaf Grimtooth: Odin! Do not forsake me now!

(Steele's men would soon reach the final line and break through the barricades)

Olaf Grimtooth: Stop there Steele, I have something for you. We will not die today, men, to the coast!


(Olaf is seen trying to hang up William, kicking the chair under from him. William starts to lose breath, but Steele, hiding in a nearby bush, takes his axe and throws it to the rope that is holding William. The rope is cut and William is saved, but Olaf flees.)

Matthew Steele: William!

Sir William: (coughs, struggling for breath) I am fine... Olaf! Get Olaf, Matthew!

Matthew Steele: Rest your voice, William.

(in the meantime, Sir Grey and Friar Jacob arrives)

Friar Jacob: God be praised! Olaf has left behind most of the precious artifacts he stole from us!

Sir Grey: Well done, Sir Knight. A battle hard won by the looks of it, but our work here is not yet over! We have news of Sir Edwin heading in this direction with a good-sized army.

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