This is the transcript for the second part of the fifth Stronghold 2 mission, Return to the Monastery.


Matthew Steele: The country is being torn apart by Barclay and his allies and here we are again back where we started. It is very frustrating. At least for now however our mission is clear... Defend.


Friar Jacob: I will take Sir William under my care in what is left of the monastery. Sir Grey is to help me rebuild it.

Scribe: There is a message from the King, my liege.

The King: Stories of your heroic exploits continue to get my blood racing, Matthew Steele. I am relieving Sir William of his title of Royal Champion and handing this mantle to you.

(Steele sets up a fort in the remnants of the barricades and establishes an economy...)

Constable Briggs: Woodsmen have seen a band of enemy troops heading this way.

(Edwin's scouting men arrive, but they are killed easily. Later, a second, bigger invasion arrives)

Constable Briggs: Scouts report a large group of the enemies' men are marching towards us.

(this group is dispatched easily, but soon the main army arrives)

Edwin Blackfly: Just so we are clear, everybody! Kill them, kill them all. I want none left alive, not a peasant, not a lord, not a fly, no one, kill them dead, all of them, kill them... dead...

(The third army is killed as well. In the meantime, the monastery is repaired...)

Friar Jacob: The monastery is repaired and so is Sir William! We both cannot thank you all enough!


(Having to witness his army's defeat personally, Edwin, the clumsy leader becomes angry. He kills one of his fleeing spearmen...)

Edwin Blackfly: Coward! (swings with his sword, killing the spearman) You are beginning to annoy me, Royal Champion!

(William and Steele is seen atop of a tower)

Sir William: Erm... what did he call you?

Edwin Blackfly: Oh, I am sorry. Did he not tell you, Sir William?

Sir William: Erm... does he speak the truth?

Matthew Steele: You have set your piece, Edwin! Now leave us be!

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