This is the transcript for the first Stronghold 2 mission: Search for the King.


(Sir William desperately runs to an island, chased by Lord Barclay's men)

Lord Barclay:: Bring him down!

(archers, crossbowmen and a mangonel fires, a rock collapses the bridge isolating William and the soldiers)

Lord Barclay:: Idiot! (shoots his engineer with his crossbow)

(a bit farther on a peninsula, William panting in the safety of Matthew Steele)

Matthew Steele: The King?

Sir William: No... Barclay does not hold him.

Matthew Steele: Maybe the rumours are true. William, what if he really has fled?

Sir William: Hasten. We must reach the boat.


Sir William: Ride for that gatehouse, they'll try to cut us off.

(William and Steele march down to the coast, where hostile spearmen await)

Sentry: It's the spies. They shall not pass!

Sir William: (yelling) Charge!


(William and Steele sail away on a boat)

Matthew Steele: What now?

Sir William: Now, Master Steele, we are travelling inland on a river to a long forgotten castle. Some monks have need of your aid.

(from a distance, Barclay looks the two sailing away)

Lord Barclay: So it is true...  they search for the King...

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