This is the transcript for the tenth Stronghold 2 mission, Siege of the Abbey.


(Lord Barclay and Matthew Steele can be seen in a hill. At a distance, Lady Seren's abbey can be seen.)

Lord Barclay: We ride tonight for Seren's abbey. I suggest you deal with our friend, the Abbot, Matthew, whilst Pascal travels the country putting out the fires you have lit.

Matthew Steele: Before the two lovers left, her fool tongue let slip that she was hiding the King. If we make haste, we may catch him before the coward starts running again.

Lord Barclay: (laughs) My day cannot get any better!

Matthew Steele: In truth, I have grown weary of Sir William's endless charging about this country, achieving little. Barclay and the Hawk are dangerous men, but only through them can I gain the power I now crave.


Lord Barclay: I will keep them occupied with my trebuchets. It is up to the prodigy to decide when he moves in for the King.

(Steele's army carves a path through traps and fire to Seren's walls. They soon reach the keep...)

Lady Seren: This is holy ground, attacking this abbey is the same as attacking the church itself! We must hold the line!

(Seren tries to hold out, but he is soon brought down by Steele's forces...)

Lady Seren: Tell William... I love him... (dying)


Barclay and Steele can be seen in front of the abbey's monastery. The Bishop is going to make a deal with Barclay.)

Matthew Steele: There is no sign of the King.

Lord Barclay: No matter, the Bishop here is about to usher in a new ruler. Sign here...

Matthew Steele: (pulling out his sword) Wait! The agreement was: we were to be equal partners!

Lord Barclay: (stomping nervously) No, we cannot all be king!

Matthew Steele: No. I suggest that your scribe prepares a new elect: whosoever presents the crown to the church, shall be King.

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