This is the transcript for the seventeenth Stronghold mission, Smokey Bacon.


Monk: We must defend our library at all costs. If Duc Truffe were to get his grubby hands on our knowledge, then the kingdom would surely be doomed. We have one final piece of knowledge to impart to you: the secret of boiling pitch. This may aid you in the defense of the monastery.

Storyteller: Use the resources you have gathered to rebuild and defend the ancient monastery. Your army has left a clear path through the boggy grassland, so it will not be long before the Pig finds you. Use pikemen to block the Pig's troops and have engineers boil pitch. To maximize the effect, pour the boiling pitch on his troops from height.


Storyteller: The oil pots have proven to be a devastatingly powerful addition to your arsenal, and this coupled with your clever tactical decisions have pushed back the Pig's massive assault force.

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