This is the transcript for the thirteenth Stronghold mission, Snake Eyes.


(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Beauregard: I find myself in desperate need of reinforcements. That insolent little child has somehow managed to whittle me down to my final county, and chosen to ignore my perfectly reasonable request for a truce!

Duc Volpe: My main force is marching half the length of the country to get to you. Hold him off until I arrive, I want to rip him apart personally.

Duc Truffe: *snorts* Some of my men are nearby. I will send them along to join in the fun!

Sir Longarm: The Snake's new castle lies in a valley across from his old one! We have already occupied his old fort, build it up until you are strong enough to lay siege to the Snake's last castle to finish him for good. Should you succeed, pull out immediately, as we don't have nearly enough men to take on the Wolf's main army. Raise some engineers to create the siege weapons you will need.


Storyteller: Once the Snake's bloody corpse lies at your feet, you quickly rally your men and make your escape before the Wolf can catch you.

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