This is the transcript for the thirteenth Stronghold 3 mission, The Bishop Redham.


The Boy: We barely made it out alive, but there wasn't time to stop, to recoup, to gather our forces. We rode all day without a clue as to whether the Abbey had fallen yet or not; as to whether Lady Catherine was alright.

They were already there, inside, waiting until we made ourselves visible. We stood back and waited ourselves, for nightfall, and we readied what little forces we had to take back the Abbey. And, whilst we waited, we prayed that Lady Catherine was still alive.

Storyteller: Redham, Earl Swinefoot's brother, is a pig in priest's clothing. His father gave him the title when he was just 15, and he has been abusing his position ever since. Unmask him as the thug he is and bring him to his knees. To do this with your few troops means you must move under cover of darkness, and bring the siege to a conclusion before dawn.

Stronghold 3 Military Transcripts
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