This is the transcript for the fifth Stronghold 2 peace mission, The Crusader's Castle.


The King: It would appear that something has delayed Sir William on his return from the Crusades, and his people are beginning to run low on food. Make sure you keep them well fed until he returns.


Scribe: Sir William's castle and granary lay over the bridge to the north. If we are to help his people, we must employ carters to start sending them goods immediately.

(Initially, the granary level at home would sink. The scribe gives a warning.)

Scribe: Our food stores are low sire, it will be a struggle to keep both castles well fed.

(Soon, two bears awaken and start attacking from the forest...)

Scribe: Villagers have seen bears roaming free my lord, it is most distressing for them.

Scribe: Sir William's peasant population is steadily rising. There must be something in the air. This is going to put even more of a strain on our food production!

(The player keeps supplying William's peasants until he gets home and the mission is finished.)

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