This is the transcript for the third part of the eighth Stronghold 2 mission, The Hawk's Nest.


Matthew Steele: Pascal will soon finish his bridge. We need to work fast at strengthening our defenses for the coming attack.

(Steele fortifies the castle to deflect Pascal's attack. Soon the bridge is repaired and Pascal sends his army.)

Constable Briggs: The bridge is finished sire. The Hawk approaches.

(The Hawk arrives with his troops, but strangely does not commence the siege.)

Briggs: It looks like he is holding back sire. Maybe there are yet more troops to come.

(Soon, an unexpected Angus McLoud turns up with his army. Briggs seems to be correct...)

Angus McLoud: You did not start without me, did ye?

Pascal Deveraux: Get your troops in position McLoud. I have waited long enough.

Sir William: Never have I seen such an army. We face the toughest fight of our lives, Matthew.

(Both of them starts the siege. The battle rages, when a third army shows up, supposingly being a decisive force for the attackers...)

Briggs: Sire! To the south!

Sir William: I fear all hope is lost.

Matthew Steele: As you once told me William, you need more than troops to win a war. To arms!

Pascal Deveraux: Barclay, launch your assault.

Lord Barclay: That would be convenient for you, would it not? You charge first and I will guard your rear.

(The fight continues, both sides taking heavy casualties. Soon the Bull's force is decimated.)

Angus McLoud: You pair have not seen the last of me. No one gets the better of the clan McLoud!

(The siege soon ends as the Hawk's forces are killed. Barclay does not send his troops into battle and withdraws them after seeing his allies' failure. Steele gathers soldiers for a counter-attack against the Hawk's settlement and successfully kills him.)


(Lord Barclay is shown near the corpse of Pascal. Barclay surrounds William and Steele, trapping them in the Hawk's keep.)

Lord Barclay: Thank you Steele! You have just removed another obstacle between the throne and me! That was quite a show. It is a shame you did not take me upon my offer! I am going to enjoy this...

Sir William: Our men are spent: we are at the mercy of Barclay's knights.

Matthew Steele: No! Wait! Look northwards!

(Suddenly, Sir Grey arrives with a band of knights as reinforcements...)

Sir Grey: Sir William, Sir Matthew! Good afternoon! The King thought you could use a little help!

Lord Barclay: You meddling old fool! (shoots Grey with his crossbow) Fall back!

(Sir Grey is hit with the crossbow bolt, collapsing and dying in front of his knights...)

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