This is the transcript for the first Stronghold 2 peace mission, The Beacon.


The King: I am sending you on an errand right to the edge of my territory. The three lords I have dispatched here have done little to alleviate the many problems we set on these lands.

(in a city, Edwin Blackfly is shown interrogating a civilian)

Edwin Blackfly: Just so we are clear: next time if I catch you holding money, I will be cooking more than your books!

The King: I have not heard from Sir Edwin in a while, but sources inform me that he is in take to extorting money from the peasantry.

(later, Sir Grey is shown in his fortress, sleeping at his royal table)

The King: Sir Grey spends most of his time sleeping.

Sir Grey: (snores, then awakes) What was that you say? Ohh... (yawns, then falls back asleep)

(then, Sir William's abandoned territory is visible)

The King: And as for Sir William, when he is not away on some crusade or what, he spends most of his time in the capital quartering Lady Seren. I can only hope that you can do something here to turn this country around and provide a profit for the royal treasury.

(a coastline is shown, along with a shipwreck)

The King: For many years, ships have fallen foul along this treacherous waters. Your first task will be to build a warning beacon to prevent any further shipwrecks. I am assigning Tom Simpkins to you, my trusted scribe. He will help you on your way.


Scribe: Greetings my Lord, my name is Simpkins. Welcome to your new castle! My liege, I have assigned some monks to work on the beacon. They will take the wood they need from our stockpile.

(a trading ship approaches, but strands as it reaches the cliffs...)

Scribe: My word, yet another ship has run ashore! We must finish that beacon before any more lives are lost.

The King: Excellent work, you have no idea how much this means to the economy of our country. Now you have safeguarded our shipping lines, I can move you on to nobler duties.

Scribe: The beacon is finished and alight, sire!

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