This is the transcript for the fourth Stronghold 3 mission, The King is Dead.


The Boy: We ran. Many men died that day: so many that I lost count. Eventually we found a village, and they helped us as much as they could.

Word reached us that the King had been killed by the Jackal's men in his own castle. I comforted Lady Catherine as best I could, knowing that she must be protected; she was the heir to the throne, our best hope for peace. And yet, there was no time to rest. The people of the village needed our help.

Storyteller: The villagers here are scared, cowed into submission by the enemy and now by the devastating news of the King's death. Rebuild their hopes, attack and destroy the small outpost that The Jackal's men have constructed at the head of the valley.


Scribe: The land hereabouts is suitable for pigs my liege, providing our peasants with some meat would increase our popularity.

Scribe: Sire, the men are in shock at the devastating news of the King's death, you must give them hope my liege. Perhaps if our future Queen were to stand atop that small enemy fort, then that would count for something?

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