This is the transcript for the fourteenth Stronghold mission, The Mountain Pass.


Storyteller: The Pig addresses the people of his newly conquered county:

Duc Truffe: Your realm is now mine so do as I say! All will pay a high tax and live a life of pain. *laughs*

Sir Longarm: I leave with the king this very day and we will soon return to our shores. Your continuous assaults are providing us with the ideal distraction. We will come to your aid with reinforcements as soon as possible.

Storyteller: With the Wolf closing in behind, you decide to split the enemy down the middle by claiming one of the Pig's counties. The Pig is renowned for throwing vast quantities of troops into battle, and is not used to defeat. You are likely to be massively outnumbered, so it is essential that you use the terrain to your best advantage.

Your scouts report that there is a fort built into the mountain pass up ahead. If you fortify your garrison here, hopefully the Pig's horde will come to you. Our mysterious friends have sent more plans, this time for a large tower-mounted ballista. This should prove invaluable against the Pig's war machines.


Storyteller: Stalemate. Although you have hit back and taken one of the Pig's lands, the Wolf is snapping at your heels and has retaken the Snake's old county.

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