This is the transcript for the twelfth Stronghold mission, The Ransom.


Storyteller: The celebrations after your recent victory are soon brought to an abrupt end, when news arrives of two tragic losses. The gluttonous Pig has taken one of your counties, and the honorable Lord Woolsack has been captured and brutally murdered in the process.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Truffe: *grunts* I make 'wool sock' die in much pain. *snorts* I pull out teeth, cut off toes, break knee- hihihi... knee! Most fun I have for long time! How did you do? Did you hunt down your prey?

Duc Volpe: *snarls*

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: I have spent a lot of time at the negotiating table of the king's captors and the final ransom for his release has now been set. I need you to begin raising the funds at once, using any means at your disposal.

Storyteller: You immediately send spies into the neighboring counties, hoping you will find a suitable treasury to lighten. Your spies report that the Snake has been ferrying gold into one of his counties, where he is hastily erecting a castle. Launch a surprise attack so you can take his gold for yourself. We have sent along some tunnelers to help you take the castle.


Storyteller: With the ransom money already well on its way to Sir Longarm, it will hopefully not be long before the king is released.

Duc Beauregard: I know we had our minor disagreements in the past, but I am certain we can make amends. You have my word that if we declared a truce, any conditions you make will be honored.

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