This is the transcript for the ninth Stronghold mission, The Rat's Last Stand.


(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: I expected nothing less from that double-dealing reptile. I will deal with him myself. In the meantime, we have had some good fortune. Whilst the rat has been running around the county like a headless chicken, a small force has stolen into and captured his castle! He is currently charging home to retake it, and I want you to go there and take charge of our garrison.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Volpe: Why didn't you intervene sooner?

Duc Truffe: *snorts* No one ask me!

Duc Volpe: These rebels have had too many easy victories against de Puce. He's making us look weak! Make sure they don't succeed this time.

Duc Truffe: I go break some heads! *snorts*

Sir Longarm: Defend the Rat's castle against its former owner! It is very badly designed, so you will need to strengthen it. Time spent finishing his moat would be well spent. This is an excellent opportunity to finish off one of the tyrants for good.


Sir Longarm: I have retaken the county wrongfully claimed by the Snake.

(After the Rat launches his final attack, he is vanguished and is at the mercy of his captors...)

Duc de Puce: N-n-no, no, please!!! *dies*

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