This is the transcript for the sixth Stronghold mission, The Rat's Proposal.


Storyteller: Later, a dispatch arrives from the Rat stating your newly acquired county has been blockaded. As Woolsack reads the letter, you and Sir Longarm look on like a pair of naughty school children.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Lord Woolsack: De Puce is willing to consider a truce once we withdraw our troops from his county.

Sir Longarm: It's a trap! This youngster's father was killed the same way. We should use our momentum for another strike.

Lord Woolsack: No, no, no, we don't have the manpower to sustain a full-scale war!

Storyteller: You are dismissed, leaving the Lords to discuss the important details of your next mission. Finally, a red-faced Sir Longarm storms out of the room to give you your briefing.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: Lord Woolsack, in all his wisdom, wishes you to arrange a truce but I don't like it. I will lend you my finest mason, so you can prepare yourself for the worst.

Lord Woolsack: Pitch a small camp in an open clearing, then await Duc de Puce's arrival. Do not bring arms to bear upon him for any reason. To secure our lands, these talks must succeed.


(The negotiation party is on the way to the meeting spot. They are however ambushed and killed by the Rat's archers from the nearby plateaus...)

Scribe: Duc de Puce wishes to meet - it's a trap! Sir Longarm was right!

Sir Longarm: A trap. Our advance party was mown down like animals. Now I will give you some new orders. Build a large fortification and prepare your troops for Duc de Puce's arrival. Use the masons I sent with you to quarry stone and build a strong and permanent castle here.


(At the Rat's castle...)

Duc de Puce: It's happened again! It's unbelievable, I'm running out of counties and they'll be coming for me next, I'm doomed!!!

Duc Beauregard: Erm... I think I will ride back now for reinforcements...

Duc de Puce: Oh... ride back? Um... wouldn't it be easier to send a message?

Duc Beauregard: Really, there's no need to worry, I'll be back before you know it. So long my trusted friend... so long.

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