This is the transcript for the tenth Stronghold mission, The Snake Hunt Begins.


(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: So, you have put the first of those scum-sucking tyrants out of their misery. Rejoice but take heed, not all of his kind are quite so inept. There are greater challenges on the horizon. It was the Snake himself who tricked your father into the trap that cost him his life, and the time for vengeance is upon us. Command of my main force is yours, so you may hunt him down. In the meantime, Lord Woolsack will open up a second front.

The Snake's men are halfway through building a castle in the next county. Chase out the few guards he has placed there, then finish the construction yourself. The Snake will undoubtedly try to retake the castle, so defend it well.


Storyteller: After the populace of this county have seen you hold off against the Snake's forces, their support swings in your favor and the county is yours.

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