This is the transcript for the eighth Stronghold 3 mission, The Sultan.


The Boy: It was a good win, at a time when we needed one. Silverback escaped, retreated, cowardice coming before honor, just like his father.

The Marshland Rangers were formidable fighters: their skills amongst the best that I had ever seen. Blackstaff was a fine general as well, capable and powerful. I asked him to join us, to be my right hand for the battles that were coming. He was shocked: "With my reputation?" - he asked. I told him that I didn't care about what had happened before; what he did going forward was all that counted.

We left that morning, abandoning Blackstaff's keep for the Eastern shoreline, so that we might find the Sultan. We saw him before we even saw his city. We explained who we were, he explained what had happened to him:

He came from the Eastern lands: prosperous at home, he was driven out by the Jackal. So: he took his belongings, his family, his wealth, and he sailed for here. He brought money to the area, picked up the people's spirits. It wasn't a rich area when he arrived, but he helped the people turn their fortunes around, setting up trade routes overseas. He used his ship to sell the wares made here to other countries, and he imported their goods just as easily.

Then, Greytail came. The second son of the Rat, he heard about the Sultan's good deeds and decided to turn them to his advantage. He invaded the city. He killed all the Sultan's most trusted men, stole the city's resources. He turned The Sultan's prize ship into a slave boat, running those same trade routes that The Sultan established, only now with a far more insidious cargo. The sultan himself was banned from the city that he helped to grow, relegated to the wilds, forced to camp until he could find a way to rescue his family.

The Sultan told us that he couldn't offer an army, but, if we found a way to help him, to free his wife and children, to stop Greytail's abuse, he would help us buy war equipment from his sources, so that we could take down The Jackal that much quicker.

He had no men to use the weapons that he used to sell: all he knew is that Greytail never discovered where he used to keep his stockpile of weapons. I told him that we had enough soldiers to take the city back, and if they didn't know how to work these machines, they would learn on the job.

Storyteller: The Sultan would prove a valuable ally, if you can prove our worth to him. Use the siege equipment that he has given us to break into Greytail's castle and rescue The Sultan's family.


(The army assembles just in front of Greytail's castle.)

Scribe: I like the Sultan, sire, and it's a sad tale about his family, I do hope we can help him.

Scribe: The Sultan has put some siege equipment at our disposal, sire. Some mantlets will protect our troops from enemy fire, whilst those catapults will be just the job for cracking that outer wall, my liege.

(The siege commences and Greytail's defenses are dealt with. As the Boy liberates the keep...)

Scribe: The Sultan's family have been found my liege, they are safe and well.

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