This is the transcript for the third Stronghold 3 mission, The Three Forts.


The Boy: We thought we were safe. They came at dawn, and they surprised us. We thought that we were hurting them.... and we were.

We had three of these forts to escape to, just for this sort of occasion. We had to prepare defenses, build walls, fortify ourselves in order to hold off the Jackal's forces.

Storyteller: The enemies' scouts have discovered our location and the Jackal is marching swiftly towards us. Use the three prepared forts to hold off the enemy long enough to allow the women and baggage of your newly formed guerilla army to escape northwards.


Scribe: Well met my liege, I am glad to have found you! Some of our men made good their escape, but they are scattered around the countryside. Our main task here is to build up some supplies, but we should also raise some new troops and look for our lost soldiers.

(As the mission draws near its end...)

Scribe: We have received word that the baggage train is safe, sire; we can retire to the pass, they will not dare follow us there.

Stronghold 3 Military Transcripts
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