This is the transcript for the first Stronghold 3 mission, Time to Go.


The Wolf: Ten years ago I would have made a good King for these lands. I would have been a fair ruler. Then he killed me...

I would have made a good King. Now... I'm not so sure. Maybe, instead, these lands will suffer. I have assembled allies: the sons of my old compatriots: the Rat and the Pig; and the Jackal, sent to me from the East by those same men who healed my bones.

We're going to take these lands back piece by piece, body by body, if we must. But above all? The Boy. He won't know that I'm alive, that I'm coming for him. He won't know... until it's too late.

The Boy: They woke me up in the night as I slept. I had been dreaming that this was all over: that there might never be war again. "He's here!" - they said. - "The Jackal's here!"

We didn't know why he came, what he wanted. He attacked in the night, without warning, without honor. He didn't care who he killed. I had to get Lady Catherine out. To save her, return her to her brother, The King.

There was only one way out, and that was through the Jackal's troops. I fought for our lives.

If we escape tonight, we live to fight another day, to recoup, to take this fight back to The Jackal. To make him pay. If we fail? If we fail, this whole land is doomed.

Storyteller: Under cover of darkness, the Jackal has launched a surprise siege attack on your castle. The castle is already lost to you. Your priority now is to save the King's younger sister. You must make your way out of the castle and escape up river with the young Queen.


Scribe: Sire, the castle is lost, we must find Lady Catherine and get her to safety.

(When the Lord and his troops approach Lady Catherine...)

Scribe: Looks like Lady Catherine can handle a sword well enough, my liege?

Scribe: We've got her. Now try and make your way to the north wall, sire.

(As the two nobles walk down the ridge, the scribe has another message...)

Scribe: Excellent sire, you're almost there. When you reach the horses, ride like the wind. I will try and make my own escape and meet up with you further up river.

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