This is the transcript for the twelfth Stronghold 2 mission, To Capture a King.


(Barclay, Deveraux and Steele are ready and waiting with their own armies. Barclay is shown at a fort, while the others are assembling on a plains.)

Lord Barclay: The King... is out of time, out of allies and at our mercy. Once the castle falls, both of you are to fall back. I will launch the final assault.

Pascal Deveraux: It boils down to this: the church will recognize whoever presents the crown. Let us ensure: it is I!

Matthew Steele: My destiny is at hand. The only acceptable outcome from today's fight is my coronation. I must reach the king before the others if the crown is to be mine.


(The three lords launch their own attacks. The King's castle quickly crumbles before the might of the allied force, but the three are competing with each other as well...)

Lord Barclay: Both of you fall back! The crown is mine.

Pascal Deveraux: Do not be a fool, Barclay! It is not your destiny to rule this country.

(As The King's castle's courtyard is breached...)

The King: You will never take the crown!

(As the lords' armies attack the castle and The King's guards...)

The King: Guards, to my aid!

(The attackers quickly finish off the King, as the competition is fierce for the crown...)

The King: All... is lost...

(If Steele's men deal the killing blow:)

Lord Barclay: No!

(If Deveraux's men deal the killing blow:)

Pascal Deveraux: I did it! I did it! The crown is mine!

(If Barclay's men deal the killing blow:)

Lord Barclay: This king is dead! Long live the new king!


(Steele is the new king according to the agreement. His underlings, Pascal and Barclay swear fealty to him by kneeling before him and kissing his hand.)

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