This is the transcript for first part of the eleventh Stronghold 2 mission, Treachery.


(Steele, Barclay and Pascal are seen in front of the abbey's monastery)

Pascal Deveraux: (trampling angrily) Still no news on the cursed King!

Lord Barclay: He'll be found. But, until then Steele, you shall have the honor of dealing the killing blow to your former master.

Matthew Steele: Fine. (leaves)

Lord Barclay: That will keep him occupied until we find the King's place of hiding.

Matthew Steele: I feel sorry for William. But I have chosen my path that I will see it through. Before I approach William's castle however, I must first establish a foothold in his lands.

(Later, William and Steele are seen on the opposite coast of a river...)

Sir William: Your treachery is beyond measure, Matthew! I've raised you as my own: I granted you land and title, and this is how you repay me!?

Matthew Steele: Join me, William! Our king is weak, this land needs change! You and I together can rule these lands and make them strong once more!

Sir William: Leave my lands Matthew, or by God I will strike down the monster I have created!


Scribe: I bring ill news, my liege. The king has raised an army and recaptured the capital. Since Lord Barclay has declared the King a heretic, our peasantry are most displeased of the news.

Scribe: Our peasants are inflicted with foot rot, my lord. They are protesting and have gone on strike for a week.

(Some peasants stand up from the campfire and run amok, but soon they are killed. Steele deflects the numerous attacks of William until he can get enough troops to move out and conquer the island estate, Upwey.)

Sir William: Argh! You murder my friends! May God have mercy on your soul!

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