This is the transcript for the second part of the eleventh Stronghold 2 mission, Treachery.


Matthew Steele: Now that I have made a chink in his armor, it is time to take the fight to William himself. My heart tells me he may yet still join with me, but my head tells me this will be a fight to the death.


(Steele has conquered the island estate, and soon he gets an unexpected support from a former foe, Angus McLoud, who leads his army himself.)

Angus McLoud: You did not forget me, did you? Me and the boys thought you could use some help, where do you want us?

(As soon as the Bull's army reaches Upwey, William gets his support as well...)

Sir Grey: Fear not Sir William, I shall teach these traitors a lesson they will not forget. Matthew Steele, your time on this earth is ending. I will see to it that you face justice before this day is out!

(A fierce fight bursts out between the four. The Bull tries to do his best, but soon he is killed in the battle.)

Angus McLoud: The clan McLoud will avenge me...

(As Angus, Sir Grey meets his fate as well, as Steele's men kill him...)

Sir Grey: I... am... lost...

(Steele's army finally penetrates the walls of William and execute him...)

Matthew Steele: I prayed I would never come to this, William... Finish him.

Sir William: I treated you like a son... but I no longer know you, boy. You... are... nothing... (dying)

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