This is the transcript for the fifteenth Stronghold 3 mission, Two Little Pigs.


The Wolf: The Jackal was weak, just like the others. He screamed that it was my own personal interests that hampered this war: that vengeance was more important to me than conquest. He said that he wanted to kill me... but I knew that he would not. He was too weak.

He swore that, in time, he would return with a new army, take this land back from whoever was in charge when he arrived. I told him that I would be waiting for him.

The Pigs were as good as dead: they had retreated to their father's old castle, and this new army would follow them, I knew, and destroy them. There was only one thing I could do: I had to win this war myself. I'll see you soon, Boy.

Storyteller: The Pigs are trapped in their father's old castle and you have a chance to rid the land of this accursed family forever. Our task here is twofold: you must ensure that Swinefoot and Redham are kept pinned in, whilst preparing a siege base from which to finish them off.


Scribe: Sire, we are already under attack. Men from the castle approach.

Scribe: Earl Swinefoot and his guard, bar our way up ahead, sire. They are an ugly-looking bunch to be sure.

(When Swinefoot is defeated...)

Scribe: Yes! Earl Swinefoot has fallen, sire!

Scribe: There's 'Bishop' Redham, sire, up there on the keep.

(When Swinefoot is defeated...)

Scribe: The bishop has been killed, sire! The castle is ours.

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