This is the transcript for the tenth Stronghold 3 mission, Vermin's Rest.


The Wolf: They failed. They told me that it wasn't their fault: that they tried, but that his armies were too strong. I told them that I didn't know about any armies in the North, so they described them to me, described him, the one leading them all. The Boy.

I told them to get back there, to take those territories. To take him, and to bring him to me. I told them what would happen if they failed. If they failed this, I told them, they should not bother coming back. But I wanted the North, and I wanted that forge, the Marshlands, The Sultan's trade routes. And more than anything, I wanted 'Him'.

Storyteller: The rebuilding of the northern army continues with aid of your new allies. Someone however seems to have other plans for you, it seems, as all three rats have returned their castles, with their tails firmly between their legs. Their strongholds lie close to your camp, which will quickly need to be turned into a mighty castle!


Scribe: We are in the middle of enemy territory here, sire, may I suggest that we get our troops stationed quickly! It won't be long before those Rats notice our presence and send out troops to test our resolve.

Scribe: The plains near our castle are eminently suitable for the growing of wheat, sire. Ah, fresh bread at last!

(The following lines are spoken whenever a certain Rat's castle falls...)

Scribe: Scabcoat's castle has fallen, sire. No Scabcoat I'm afraid though, these rats are slippery customers to be sure.

Scribe: We have Greytail's stronghold under arms, my liege. It seems Greytail himself has managed to slip away though.

Scribe: Silverback's castle has fallen, sire, although its master has fled.


The Boy: We were going to show them mercy. We were going to show restraint, where they had shown none. We hesitated, where they would not. We could not allow them to escape.

I charged Blackstaff with taking a force of our men and hunting them down. He marched away eastwards. I went South to take back that which we had lost: to stop The Jackal before he could ruin our lands more than he already had.

Stronghold 3 Military Transcripts
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