The trebuchet is a siege engine and an advanced version of the catapult.


Mighty and powerful, the trebuchet is a decent device to destroy enemy castles and structures from a distance. It hurls stones just like a catapult, but it fires in a high arc, gaining the ability to cover higher distances in the air. Its stones are also much more powerful due to its construction. Three engineers are used to operate it.

A common use for the Trebuchet is firing behind walls or natural terrain. Trebuchets firing angle allows it to bypass obstacles and hit enemy structures. Caution needs to be used when using this near towers as a stone can hit a friendly soldier while ascending it's shot.

Deceased Cattle can also be hurled with the trebuchet if a dairy farm is available, which may spread disease clouds in a small area, effective to terrorize workers and soldiers as they pass by.

In Stronghold 2, the trebuchet can be moved on its own before it is stopped and the engineers assemble it to be fully operational. In Stronghold Legends and Stronghold Crusader 2, it can be reassembled, but it is very expensive to create.


The trebuchet is primarily used to remove buildings and enemy defenses from long range. Since it fires in a high arc, it can operate in relative safety as it does not necessarily have to be within range of the enemy defenders, outranging enemy mangonels and ballistae. The trebuchet can then bombard the towers, which may kill or severely wound units atop it.

It is also very effective in wiping out peasants assembling around the enemy campfire by carcasses. As the disease clouds deal very low damage to soldiers, it is useless to target them in attempting to whittle down their health.

While ineffective against single targets, the trebuchet can use its bad accuracy to kill enemy units in tight groups. Its stones would hit infantry with a high chance and multiple trebuchets can quickly thin out such groups. They are particularly effective against units standing on the keep's rooftop.

Trebuchets can hurl dead cattle and other animals(SHC2) to spread disease among enemy ranks. The disease clouds deal damage over time which can be most painful for armored units due to their low speed, but workers and weaker units can suffer considerable damage if they stand in the cloud long enough.


The trebuchet hurls its projectiles with much worse accuracy than the catapult, which may be useful in bringing down huge building arrays, but will more than likely hit a different target than intended.

The trebuchet is immobile when deployed. Therefore it needs some sort of protection, as its extremely low rate of fire cannot maintain against advancing melee units. It can also be taken out from long range by another trebuchet or other siege engines. Fire can also quickly destroy it.


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